Jóhanna Heiðdal „Onnonna“

Jóhanna Heiðdal „Onnonna“

Onnonna is an aspiring artist from Iceland. She’s also an actress, wife and a mother of four. She has been painting since 2015, first as a hobby but it quickly turned into her main work. She works under the name Onnonna which is the nick name she accidentally gave herself at the age of two while trying to pronounce her own name Johanna. In her work she experiments with colors, textures and different materials and seeks to find the perfect balance in her work.

No.  23 Onnanna

Nr. 23  Str. 80x60cm

Nr. 21  Str. 80x60cm

Nr. 22  Str. 80x60cm

Nr. 19  Str. 30x30cm

Nr. 20  Str. 50x40cm

Nr. 17  Str. 80x120cm

Nr. 18  Str. 80x120cm

Nr. 15  Str. 50x40cm

Nr. 16 Str. 60x50cm