Magnea Lynn Fisher "Sissý"

Sissý is an aspiring artist from Iceland. Magnea’s mother was Icelandic and her father is from America. Sissý got her nickname from her grandfather in Texas when she was a baby and it stuck with her. She has been drawing and painting since she was a little girl and took a few courses in Baðstofan many years ago but is mostly self taught. Sissý loves to paint and considers painting the best meditation for her.

Sissý uses both oil and acrylic paint on canvas. She likes bright colors and has endless ideas which often manifests as fun characters with many aspects to them. Sissý sees the bright sides of everything and finds it easy to put herself in someone else’s shoe and is not judgemental. The characters can be looked at with many aspects like tears can mean happy tears. And what looks like no smile could still be happiness, like behind a smile can also be sadness.

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