Maí 2023

Gestalistamaður maí er Raimonda Sakalauskiene. Graduated in 1979 from Art College in Lithuania, in 1985 from Folk Art University in Moscow and 2005 from Pedagogic University in Lithuania. She worked as an art teacher for many years and currently works at a Lithuanian School in Reykjavik.
She creates symbolic portraits and likes bright light colors. Her works have their own mood and story and right now it’s portraits.
Raimonda works with oil paints.
You can find Raimonda on Faccebook page Color Meadow and through email


Sýningin er opin á opnunartíma gallerísins / The exhibition is open during opening hours of the Gallery.

Sýningarrými til leigu uppl. í síma 511 6767 eða á netfangið

Exhibition space for rent on a monthly basis. Contact by phone +354 511 6767 or email