Þóra Ben

Painting is my calling, my therapy, my meditation. I put on some good music, pencil in my hand and star without a sketch or a plan. My inspiration is Icelandic nature, the mystical colors, the expansiveness, and the dramatic rawness so crisp. I love to feel the force of nature the rain and strong wind in my face.

I have been around art all my life. My mother was a fine dressmaker, and my father told the grandest stories, wrote poems and painted the cosmos. I hope my art will bring you a piece of my dreamy Icelandic nature.

Nr. 8 70x70cm Oil on canvas

Nr. 9 70x70cm Oil on canvas

Nr. 7 SOLD

Nr. 6 20x80cm Oil on canvas

Nr. 5

Nr. 5 SOLD

Nr. 3 70x70cm Oil on canvas

Nr. 4 70x70cm Oil on canvas

nr. 3

Nr. 2 SOLD

Nr. 1 SOLD