Marta Ryba

Marta Ryba

Marta is a self-taught artist: independent by nature, she learned the craft, alone but with my easel, by tenacity, passion and self-criticism. She graduated in German and English Philology from the University of Szczecin in Poland, she is an academic teacher. Art has been her passion since childhood, through the years she has studied various art techniques and attended many life drawing classes in Drawing&Architecture Studio in Poznań, Poland. Her art focuses primarily on realistic portraits – on light, sensuality of skin, intimate space and intricacies of human expression.

Nr. 1 AIR#3 - Woman With A Raven - 151 x 91 cm

Nr. 2 The Girl & The Raven - 80 x 60 cm

Nr. 3 SOLD. Rebirth - 100 x 70cm

Nr. 4 AIR#1 120 x 80 cm

Nr. 5 AIR#4 - 120 x 90cm

Nr. 6 Your World - 151 x 91cm