Vigdís Bjarnadóttir

My paintings have always revolved around capturing nature and celebrating it. I am inspired and touched by nature’s beauty as well as its vulnerability, structure, ferociousness and the pure pleasure it emanates; nature as a metaphor of life.

I try to express these feelings and impressions with colors on the canvas being fed by an interest and knowledge of my country, the land, the flora and fauna. To think and ponder about the way landscape affects people and their behavior is also intriguing. Iceland is in a way very dangerous country to live in, with its hars nature, volcanoes with freequent eruptions, glaciers and floods, and we have had to learn to live with it and to appriciate it.

Nr. 25

Nr. 25 Oil on canvas - 70x70cm

Nr. 24

Nr. 24 Oil on canvas - 100x120cm

Nr. 23

Nr. 23 Oil on canvas - 40x40cm

Nr. 21 Oil on canvas - 100x100cm

Nr. 22 Oil on canvas - 100x100cm


Nr. 20 Oil on canvas - 100x80cm

Nr. 18 Oil on canvas - 120x100cm

Nr. 19 Oil on canvas - 120x100cm

Nr. 17 Oil on canvas - 100x120cm

No. 15 endurg.

Nr. 15 Oil on canvas - 100x100cm

Nr. 13 Oil on canvas - 100x100cm

Nr. 14 Oil on canvas - 100x100cm

Nr. 11 Oil on canvas - 100x100cm